Characteristics of Company

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Characteristics of Company

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1. All the production process is executed in the company, from the melting of metal raw materials to the assembly of components of products, to ensure product quality, delivery time and cost.
2. High Performance product oriented development
Our company is equipped with professional research and development team and is always striving to develop higher performance sintered NdFeB permanent magnet including the block, machining process, surface treat and assembly of component, meanwhile we self-design and manufacture the core equipment, hire European professionals and experts to develop magnets particularly such as the exploitation of low weight loss magnet for wind turbine generator.
3. Targeted at the magnet used for high –end magnetoelectric motor
Our company is always targeted at the magnet used for magnetoelectric motor, especially the one used for wind turbine generator, which is equipped with professional equipment, providing stable and reliable product.
4. Quality control and improvement
YSM philosophy: quality is our eternal pursuit.
To improve the management level, we send the management personnel to study in Yantai Shougang Denso by stages and in groups. Meanwhile, we invite Japan experts of quality management to give the long –term guidance in our production, introducing their advanced management in manufacturing, quality and process into our company. Yaskawa Electric Co.,Ltd also helps to proceed the project, including the improvement and enhancement of sites, development and introduction of new process technology such as magnetic field analysis technology, surface treatment technology, etc.