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Company History

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--2014 Heavy Rare earth Diffusion Technology patent was granted in Japan.
--In 2012 year we got state-level line for production new energy --- automotive permanent magnets
--In 2011 year we got the certificate of OHSAS18001.
--On October 28th, 2009, our company has won the title of "High-tech enterprises in Shandong Province".
--In the October of 2009, our "YSM" brand was named "Shandong Famous Brand " by Shandong administration for industry and commerce.
--In the July of 2009, our products N42SH, N36UH high performance sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials for energy-saving elevator motor won energy-saving award in Yantai City ; In the October of this year won the third prize of science and technology progress award in Yantai City.
-- In the June of 2009, Our company completed first phase small construction and second phase big construction.
-- In the may of 2008, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd accomplished investment, and our company became a Sino-Japanese joint company.
-- On February 8th, 2008, through one year of tight but well-organized preparation, we passed TS16949 Certification of NQA Company. It not only means that our management level goes up to a new step, it also means we become one of the few companies that have passed this certification in the field of Sintered NdFeB permanent magnet. We will enjoy the eligibility to provide high quality products for automotive clients.
-- On the December 22nd, 2007, our high performance products passed science and technology achievement appraisal of "N42SH, N36UH high performance sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials for energy-saving elevator motor", which was organized by Shandong Science and Technology Department. Appraisal committee composed of famous experts in the fields of Materials Science, Magnetics and Motor, the chairman of committee is respected professor of Beijing university of science and technology Zhou shouzeng. Since 2003, our products N42SH and N36UH are widely used in international famous elevators and played an important role in energy-saving and environment protection.
-- On October 17th, 2007, Chief Engineer Ding Kaihong reported our latest achievement in low weight loss, good coating performance, high coercivity and big size block in Intertech Pira China Magnetics 2007.
--We passed certification ISO14001 on November, 3rd, 2006.
-- In February of 2004, we finished the debugging of the first automatic rack plating production line and it is special for motor magnets.
-- We finished the first phase of construction the production line in December of 2003. The annual capacity of magnets reached 360 tons.
-- On November 20th,2003 passed certification ISO9001 (2000 Edition).
-- In June,2003, Magnets of grade N45、N48、46M、48M、36UH,etc come to mass production.
--In the August of 2002, the first phase of the magnets production line has been formally put into operation.
-- In the October of 2000, finished registration of company.